Friday, 3. April 2009
Whistles on the churchyard
Maybe some of you already wondered about the big group of young guys on the churchyard in front of the cathedral. Some may even think of a demonstration. This is not the case.

It is the last day of high school for the oldest pupils of all school around Münster. The last week of school, pupils dress up every day in a new way. Then, on Friday, they barricade their schools, whistle that you can hear it all over the town and celebrate a big party in the auditories of their schools.

Afterwards, all high school graduates walk in a big procedure to the yard of the cathedral. So, their shoutings actually do not mean something like "Free Tibet". Their favourite chorus is "Never ever school again!"

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More than fifty clauses
Only two and a half hours, than time will have elapsed for the Food and Agriculture Organization. The commitee chair is a bit concerned about the progress: "I hope we will come to some solutions now." The problem of the FAO is not lethargy. No the problem is the high productivity. Two draft resolutions with more than fifty clauses and sub-clauses still did not pass the commitee. Here an exception of the clauses:

1. Confirms the Right to Food and Food souvereignity and believes the first mission of agricultural programs must be to nourish people and not to maximize financial profits;

2. Reaffirms the need to promote the effective realization of the right to food for all and recommend Member States to take all possible actions to increase food production and distribution of that food to the people nationally and internationally;

3. Urges member states to promote food production by ensuring equitable access to water supply and to promote a more efficient use of water resources available in order to help bring water to farmers who need it most;


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Last discussions about resolutions
Five commitees, seven proposed resolutions and over twenty sheets of decisions: MUIMUN delegates in 2009 were highly productive. Now, four hours before the end of the conference, still there is a lot of work to do. The Westphalian Diplomat gives an overview over the looming decisions.

(United Nations develoment program)

Dealing with the topic of development in times of economic crisis, the delegates argued from the first moment. Again and again, the chairs had to remind the delegates of the conference aim: a resolution. Some hours are left now, and more and more concrete decisions seem to find a majority. Seventeen nations support a resolution which aims to preserve and even enlarge development programs.

Clauses of the draft version:

1. Encourages countries to cooperate in order to maintain peace in the world as conflicts around the world as this point are posing main hurdles in the process of economic and regional development which causes the sense of insecurity among the people and investors;

9. Further recommends that women should be included in the political process as in the time of economic crisis as their presence in the political structure would lead to well adressed legislation for the protection of women's rights;

22. Calls for the international community to act with a sense of global responsibility to overcome the issues related to humaity through technical assistance extended by developed nations to improve health and sanitation sectors;


Upgrades and other commitees still to come.

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